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I doubt you will get the same response from any two people about how to optimise your website for searches. Some businesses are prepared to pay a small fortune for the promise of being on the first page of Google. Then they pay more to ensure that they stay there. SEO remains a ‘dark art’ and it is difficult to clarify exactly what you are paying someone to do on your behalf. Be very careful when contracting with someone to do this for you.

Of course, it depends on how important search rankings are to your business and which keywords people use when they are searching for a business such as yours.

As with Marketing, there are things it makes sense to have in place from the beginning, although they can be added later. A good designer will build your site with SEO in mind and a good website is always work in progress. However the process requires fine-tuning once your site is live and you need access to visitor data to be able to do this.

Download our SEO Factsheet to see what you can achieve by spending a few minutes a day promoting your website before you pay a penny to anyone else.

“It is easy to waste time and money on things you don’t need at all or you don’t need yet. Make sure that you focus on what is important now and ensure your Internet presence can evolve.”

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